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Commission Related FAQ's

How much does a commission cost?

Currently my watercolor on canvas commission prices range from $45 to $500+ depending on size and subject. Below is a list of sizes and their approximate prices:

3"x3" $45
4”x4” $75
5”x5” $125
5”x7” $160
8”x8” $250
8”x10” $300
11"x14” $500
12”x12” $550
16"x20" $900
18"x24" $1500

Are you open for commissions currently?

Yes! Please contact me to inquire about custom artwork.

I want a commission, how do I order one?

There are multiple ways to get in touch with me! You can contact me though any of my socials (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), you can email me at, or you can fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page!

In your message please include the following:

~A description of what you’re wanting to have done

~Pictures of the subject or general vibe/aesthetic (n/a for inquiry form below)

~The deadline (if you have one)

~Any additional details you have about the subject (colors, quirks, interesting facts, etc.)

Once I receive your inquiry, I will look over everything, ask any questions to clarify, and put together a quote with the timeline & pricing. If the quote is all good, I will collect the required 30-50% deposit then get right to work bringing life to your ideas and/or capturing the personality of your loved ones!

How do I pay you for your work?

I mainly use Paypal for accepting payment, but I also have Venmo, Zelle, Cash App, & Facebook Pay available. Also if you are local, I will accept cash but no checks please!

Is there anything I can do to protect my original painting?

All of my originals are sealed with a UV Archival Varnish to protect the art from fading overtime and to make it water resistant (if the art is on paper instead of canvas it will not be water resistant, but a light mist won’t ruin the artwork). Keep the art out of harsh direct sun or frame originals with UV protective glass. With canvas you can use a slightly damp paper towel to remove dust when needed. Overall you just need to hang your canvas on the wall and enjoy! If your commission is on paper, custom framing is recommended to fully preserve the piece, but I do make them in standard sizes so they can fit into off the shelf frames.

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