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My name is Kimberly Renee Tuttle! Watercolor on canvas? It’s a unique pairing that I love exploring! With the canvas & UV Archival Varnish that I use, I am able to make my delicate watercolor artworks durable & easy to display! While working as a custom framer for three plus years, I learned a lot about preserving artwork so now I make sure my art lasts for as long as possible! I specialize in detailed pet portraits in my own style with a blurred or abstract background. I also dabble in almost every medium since I worked at an art supplies store and had amazing opportunities to learn about all kinds of supplies. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades artist so feel free to ask me about anything!

A little about my life; I was born & raised in Alaska, my husband & I moved to Arizona in 2018 after he joined the U.S. Air Force. We are currently living in Goodyear, AZ & loving it! Our daughter was born December 2019 & she is such an amazing little individual. I am finally living my dream of being a full time artist & stay at home mom! Your support helps my little family so much, & if you wanted to support me a little bit more I have a Patreon & ko-fi linked here! Thank you soo very much!

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